NHCA 2021 Virtual Conference has ended
Welcome to the 2021 NHCA Virtual Conference Schedule, below you will find the schedule listed with 3 types of education sessions, Live Platform, Pre-recorded Platform and E-Poster Sessions. They will all be delivered a little differently so please take a little time to read the descriptions and understand how the conference will be laid out.

  • Live Platforms: NHCA is offering 7 live sessions with interactive Q&A and chat features over the two days of the live conference. If you are not able to watch these sessions live they will be recorded and playback will be available until March 19, 2021
  • ON DEMAND Pre-Recorded Platforms: There will be 28 pre-recorded sessions that will be released on the first day of the conference, these will be available to watch at your leisure and will be available until March 19, 2021. PLEASE NOTE: They are available longer than the 1-5 pm time on the schedule but we are not able to program them in like that!
  • ON DEMAND E-Poster Sessions: There will be 8 E-Poster sessions available to watch, each session is 15 minutes long and worth a quarter of a credit, in order to receive a full hour you will need to watch 4 poster sessions all the way through and complete and evaluation. These will be available as pre-recordings and will be available from the start of the conference until March 19, 2021
This means you have the opportunity for up to 19.0 CE credits at this years conference! (See ASHA AND AAA Brand Blocks below)

If you are trying to login to the learning center to attend the conference, please CLICK HERE to go to the Learning Center, this is just a digital agenda!
avatar for David Audet

David Audet

University of Washington
avatar for Danielle Benesch

Danielle Benesch

École de technologie supérieure
avatar for Elliott Berger

Elliott Berger

Berger Acoustical Consulting LLC
avatar for Kari Buchanan

Kari Buchanan

zCore Business/DOD Hearing Ctr of Excellence
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Kellsie Busho

The University of Iowa
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Arthur Colombier

École de Technologie Supérieure
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Kathryn Crawford

University of Iowa
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Angela Day

U.S. Army
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Don Finan

University of Northern Colorado
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Brendan Fitzgerald

University of Rochester Medical Center
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Gregory Flamme

Senior Scientist
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Marjorie Grantham

zCore Business Solutions, Inc.
VA Consultant
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Elizabeth Grieggs

Northeast Ohio Au.D. Consortium
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Sarah Grinn

Central Michigan University
avatar for Quintin Hecht

Quintin Hecht

DoD Hearing Center of Excellence
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Kathryn Ideker

University of Texas at Dallas
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Magnus Johansson

3M Personal Safety Division
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Sridhar Krishnamurti

Auburn University
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Renée Lefrancois

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Thais Morata

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Richard Neitzal

University of Michigan (UM) School of Public Healt
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Kimberly Parks

U.S. Army Public Helath Center
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Vishakha Rawool

University of Mississippi
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Maggie Schad

Irwin Army Community Hospital
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Dan Schumaier

Industrial hearing conservation services inc
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Abby Sears

University of Texas at Dallas
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Richard Sesek

Auburn University
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Lauren Smith

University of Michigan
Research Area Specialist
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Alice Suter

Suter & Associates
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Ravinder Thaper

Auburn University
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Vivianne Wersel

Military Officers Association of America
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Jeffrey Winget

KIA Motors Manufacturing, Georgia